After more than a decade together, Azhar Abdul Jalil will be parting ways with the IPONE Yamaha YY Pang Racing Team in the 2021 season.

The 28-year-old rider plans to continue racing, and is currently in talks with several racing outfits for the next chapter of his racing career.

“I’ve had a great career with team YY Pang, but I think it is time for me to challenge myself with a new environment. So, I’m in talks with three teams at the moment, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Of course, given the chance, I would like to continue competing in the premiere CP150 class this year,” said Azhar.

Azhar made his Cub Prix debut in 2007 via the Yamaha Super Series mono-brand category. He officially joined the YY Pang stable in 2010 where he got his racing career off to a brilliant start when he clinched the Wira title in 2010.

Since then, Azhar and the YY Pang Racing Team has grown together, moving from the age-capped Wira class to the CP115, CP130 and finally to the CP150 class.

“We feel very proud to have had Azhar with us for 12 years. He is a very good senior who is always willing and able to guide the new riders. We wish Azhar all the best in his future career in motorsports,” said YY Pang, team principal of the IPONE Yamaha YY Pang Racing Team.

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