2016 Asian Le Mans Series - Team Aylezo and Ecotint partnership

2016 Team Aylezo and Ecotint partnership logoMalaysian race outfit Aylezo announced its official partnership agreement with branded Eco-enhancement window film, Ecotint, for the 2016/2017 season of the Asian Le Mans Series. The two industry giants have long been supportive of one another since Zen Low, founder of Aylezo, first started his race team back in 2009, competing in the Internationally recognized 12-Hour Merdeka Endurance Race at Sepang International Circuit. From there, Aylezo with the support of Ecotint have participated in FIA-sanctioned races such as the GT Asia Series, Asian Le Mans Series, Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series and the Gulf 12-hours Endurance Race.

This year Ecotint will be the named partner for the team’s foray into the Asian Le Mans Series (ALMS) 2016/2017 Season under Ayelzo Ecotint Racing (AER), where Zen Low, along with Mike Simpson will contest in a Ginetta LMP3. This year ALMS announced an increase to a 4-hour race format instead of three from the previous years. ALMS has proven time and again to be a test of endurance and durability for everyone involved and once again, Ecotint will use the platform provided by Aylezo to test their technologically advanced windscreen protection film, this time on the AER Ginetta.

Mr Tan Yu Chai, Group Managing Director of Ecotint Malaysia speaks about the partnership and the people of Aylezo. “Over the years, I have observed that Aylezo is a committed team of people who are passionate about racing. Aylezo has progressed from racing Lotus cars to Lamborghini in Malaysia to having a factory supported team racing in International races. It has grown from strength to strength and through my friendship with Zen, we continue to support Aylezo as they are a team with a very promising future.

“Our objective in participating in races is, hopefully in any small way, to spur the local racing talents to aim for the sky and to dream the impossible. We at Ecotint have been the quiet supporter of Aylezo all these years without any expectation of return and this has helped to cultivate a genuine sense of partnership and we hope to continue in such a steady and supportive manner.

“As for Zen, he has proven to be a race driver whose zest for racing rubs off on anyone in touch with him. He is a man of his word and that is very important in anything we do. This year, we hope that Aylezo Ecotint Racing will make its mark and make a formidable presence in the Asian Le Mans Series.”

Zen Low, Founder, CEO and Aylezo race driver, on the partnership with Ecotint, “once again we are honoured to have Ecotint on board with our team, their support throughout the years have meant so much to us. Not only are they the top window tinting specialist in Malaysia but for the past seven years, they have been supportive of all that we do. Both our companies started out small and just a few years apart and we have worked together to help each other’s company grow to become major players in our respective industries.

“We are proud to have them as a named partner and to help bring their brand into the foray of motorsport through our team, Aylezo Ecotint Racing. Thank you to Tan for always being there with us and we do hope to make you proud. Racing in the LMP3 Ginetta will be an exciting experience for me and the whole team.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Lawrence Tomlinson, the Chairman of Ginetta and to the Technical Director, Ewan Baldry for their support of our venture into the ALMS with Aylezo Ecotint Racing and I am very excited to be driving with their Mike Simpson.”
The Asian Le Mans Series 2016/2017 season begins in October 2016 and continues through to January 2017 with four races visiting China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. This year, a 4-hour endurance style race is being introduced, an extension from past races. Aylezo Ecotint Racing will compete in a Ginetta LMP3.

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2016 Team Aylezo and Ecotint partnership logo

About Aylezo
Aylezo is a Sporting Administration and Technical Team with over 30 years of combined International race experience actively participating in the region’s most renowned Series. Established in 2009, the team has participated in the Blancpain Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia, GT Asia Series, Asian Le Mans Series, Merdeka Endurance Race (now known as Sepang 12-Hours Race) Malaysian Super Series (now known as Malaysia Championship Series) and the Gulf 12-Hours.

In 2016, the team will once again compete in two outstanding race Series, using the Lamborghini Huracan LP620 Super Trofeo in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia and in the LMP3 for the Asian Le Mans Series.
Aylezo Ecotint Racing (AER) is supported by FX United, Hwa Tai, Prince Lubricants, Rudy Project, Shark Helmets and Ecotint.

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