Nine key commitments made to help achieve greater sustainability

Series promoter signed UN Sports for Climate Action charter in ‘21

Sustainable motorsport can influence behaviour outside its environment

#TransitionInMotion to be FIA ETCR umbrella call to action

The FIA ETCR – eTouring Car World Cup can reveal nine key commitments that will continue to improve the sustainability of the series throughout the 2022 season and beyond in support of the United Nations Sport for Climate Action Charter.

Discovery Sports Events, the FIA ETCR promoter, became a signatory of the UN Sports for Climate Action charter in 2021 and through the organisation’s Agenda for Sustainable Development, now aims to help achieve its goals even faster.

In conjunction with this, FIA ETCR will use and promote #TransitionInMotion as its umbrella term for all CSR activities of the series.

Under the PURE ETCR name last year, the most powerful touring cars ever built – with a maximum output of 500kW (670bhp) – thrilled audiences at five stunning venues in Europe, while an expanded seven-round calendar aligns strongly with new markets also seeking greater sustainability through sport.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an urgent call for action by countries – both developing and developed – to form a global partnership to work towards greater peace and prosperity for people and planet by 2030.

The FIA ETCR’s commitments are:

Good health and well-being (UN SDG 3): To influence a global shift from traditional internal-combustion-engined vehicles to those powered by electric motors; substantially reducing the number of deaths and illnesses caused by air pollution and contamination.

Quality education (UN SDG 4): Through Discovery Group; parent company of FIA ETCR promoter Discovery Sports Events, the series has access to a global network of media channels that have been utilised since 1985 to spread knowledge and awareness of the importance of sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, cultural diversity and a promotion of peace and non-violence.

Clean water and sanitation (UN SDG 6): FIA ETCR has imposed strict water-resource management policies at its events with plastic bottles banned from offices and reusable drinking bottles encouraged for all staff and competing teams.

Affordable and clean energy (UN SDG 7): FIA ETCR believes in constant improvement in energy efficiency. All competing cars feature 100 per cent electric propulsion and are charged by green hydrogen generators.

Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure (UN SDG 9) : From its inception, FIA ETCR aimed to be a hub of innovation; not just using the world’s first fully-electric touring cars, but also with the creation of the unique Starting Gate – where the race cars launch for their Battles – and Energy Station – where all cars are recharged in a giant communal hub in the paddock.

Sustainable cities and communities (UN SDG 11): Touring cars are the most road-relevant racing cars in the world in terms of appearance, and so are more relevant to shift peoples’ perceptions of electric mobility than any other type of vehicle. Continuing this promotion can limit pollution and illnesses in cities and make them more sustainable too.

Sustainable consumption and production (UN SDG 12): FIA ETCR promoter Discovery Sports Events is one of just three promoters globally to hold the FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation with a special focus made on greater sustainability in the fields of material procurement, promotion, waste reduction and material re-use.

Climate Action (UN SDG 13): An optimised calendar that minimises long journeys enabled a no-air-freight policy to be enacted; reducing carbon emissions by 90% through the use of sea freight-only. The use of hydrogen generators in the recharging process means the race cars in FIA ETCR use only decarbonised electricity – cleaner than taking the power from the grid!

Partnerships (UN SDG 17): Since 2021 FIA ETCR has partnered with EARTHDAY.ORG, creator of the global Earth Day more than 50 years ago, to review and evaluate processes to enable us to make motorsport more sustainable.

The 2022 FIA ETCR begins on the streets of Pau, France – itself a leader in green living, having established the first hydrogen-powered public bus network in 2020 – on May 6-8.

Xavier Gavory, ETCR – FIA eTouring Car World Cup Series Director, said: “FIA ETCR is all about changing perceptions of electric vehicles and showing the world that they can have a fast, fun and cool car that also helps them to live in a more sustainable way and looks after the planet and the global community. By making these commitments, aligned with the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development, we are showing that we take the health of the world and the people very seriously as we try to help a change for better living through #TransitionInMotion.”

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