How was your summer break? Does it feel good to be back and heading straight into a triple header?

My summer break was good, it was nice to have a few weeks off to rest a bit and of course, it was cool to spend some time on the jet skis, it’s a lot of fun being on the water! It feels good to be back, a triple header is a lot of races in a row but it’s the same for everyone and there are a lot of fun tracks coming up to look forward to.

This weekend we celebrate our 50th race with Honda – which race stands out the most to you?

These 50 races with Honda will always be special and well-remembered when we look back. I think of course the first win with Honda will always be the most emotional memory during our time together and hopefully, we can end this season on a high with them before they leave the sport. I have enjoyed working with Honda from the start. They have always been straight talking and delivered what we have expected. They spend a lot of time discussing everything with the Team and us as drivers which have been very important.

The Belgian Grand Prix is one of your ‘home’ races and Spa is one of your favourite tracks so how much are you looking forward to this weekend?

I am of course excited to go back to Spa, it’s my favourite track and it’s really cool to drive with so many high speed corners and elevation changes. I’m also looking forward to seeing all the fans who will be coming to support us and it will be cool to see so much orange in the grandstands again as they couldn’t be there last year. I also think it is a good place to re-set our championship fight and I’m well prepared and feeling good ahead of the weekend.

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