Jaguar TCS Racing have completed their first dynamic testing session for their Gen3 development car. The session was completed by Jaguar TCS Racing test driver, Sacha Fenestraz.

Jaguar TCS Racing completed their first shakedown test session for their Gen3 development car

Jaguar TCS Racing test driver, Sacha Fenestraz was first to experience the Jaguar I-TYPE Gen3 development car

First shakedown session will provide valuable data and learnings for the team as Gen3 testing continues

Season nine of ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is expected to commence in January 2023

Watch the Jaguar I-TYPE development car in action here:

The Jaguar TCS Racing team used the session to gather valuable data and information on their Gen3 development car to inform and aid refinement of next season’s challenger.

The lighter, more powerful and efficient Gen3 car will set a new performance benchmark for an all-electric race car. The Gen3 Formula E car will see power increase to 350kW and reach a maximum speed of over 200mph.

The world’s most efficient race car will be capable of producing at least 40% of the energy used within a race from regenerative braking. As the first race car to feature both front and rear powertrains, 250kW regen is added to the front and 350kW regen added at the rear, more than doubling the regenerative capability of the current Formula E model. As a result, the Gen3 race car will be the first formula car not to feature rear hydraulic brakes.

Yesterday marked a key milestone for Jaguar TCS Racing as we conducted our first run of our all-new Gen3 Jaguar I-TYPE development car. The new Gen3 car will be the world’s most efficient race car and marks a significant technological advance for the all-electric world championship. This initial shakedown marks a key milestone in the development of the all-new Jaguar I-TYPE and is an important achievement in our ongoing R&D process which originally commenced back in 2020. Excitement is really starting to build for the whole team as we look forward to the next generation of Formula E.” – JAMES BARCLAY, JAGUAR TCS RACING TEAM PRINCIPAL

“With 100kW of extra power, no rear hydraulic brakes, 600kW ultra-high-speed charging capabilities and a car that is lighter than Gen2, the team has a lot to come to terms with. Yesterday proved extremely valuable for the team and we will now go back to the factory to analyse the learnings and continue to develop the car. We’re all looking forward to seeing the development car progress as we look ahead to the next generation of Formula E.” – PHIL CHARLES, JAGUAR TCS RACING TECHNICAL MANAGER:

The development of the Jaguar TCS Racing Gen3 challenger sits alongside the team’s ongoing fight for the 2022 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship title, with the tenth round returning to the streets of Marrakech on 2 July 2022.

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