Abu Bakar Fadzim, the head coach of PKNP FC, said today that MISC-MIFA are the firm favourites for the FAM Cup crown this year when they two sides clash in the final tomorrow night at the Stadium Shah Alam.

At the pre-match press conference that was held this afternoon in Shah Alam, Abu Bakar said that playing at home will give MISC the slight advantage.

“In tomorrow’s game, MIFA will be the crowd favourite as we are playing at their home ground,” said Abu Bakar.

“Our team’s preparation for the finals is going well. The younger players in the team will have to step up considering that there several injuries to the squad.”

Added MISC-MIFA coach Jacob Joseph: “my team is 100% ready for tomorrow’s final game. But I hope that the players are not swayed too much in their previous win over Air Asia. They need to stay focus.”

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