atntInnovation Partner relationship extends and expands
Red Bull Racing is very pleased to announce the extension and expansion of its relationship with innovation partner AT&T, the global integrated communications and entertainment company. Within the new multi-year agreement, AT&T will continue to provide Red Bull Racing with global network and connectivity services.
The new AT&T logo will be prominently displayed on the rear wing of the RB12 and on the drivers’ racing overalls. 
“Our relationship with Red Bull Racing as innovation partner demonstrates the diverse services we provide,” says Frank Jules, President, Global Business at AT&T.  “Innovation is the key in delivering greater speed for the car and in our communications. We’re both inspiring each other as we help take our organisations to another level.”
Over the last few seasons, AT&T’s technology and experience has been integrated into many areas of Red Bull Racing’s operations, most notably the advanced network services that provide the high-speed, high-bandwidth link connecting our cars and our trackside engineers with the Ops Room at our headquarters in Milton Keynes. Throughout winter testing and during the 21 grands prix in 2016, AT&T technology ensures the Team, wherever the individuals are located, can make decisions based on the latest near real-time information.
“Our innovation partnership with AT&T provides an integral part of our race weekend set-up,” says Team Principal, Christian Horner, “Being able to connect to the factory from wherever we’re racing has become essential to our operation. We’re delighted to take our long-standing relationship with AT&T forward in a multi-year agreement and look forward to growing our innovation partnership together.”
In 2016 Formula One will engage in its longest, most geographically challenging season ever. Connectivity provided by AT&T helps the Team’s engineers and critical partners collaborate effectively, regardless of their geographical location.
Over the course of a race weekend, AT&T’s network transmits up to 400GB of data from the racetrack to the factory, from the hundreds of channels taking real-time telemetry off the RB12 to the video links that allow engineers to have a face-to-face discussion while separated by half the globe.
This enables crucial data-driven decisions to be made swiftly and with confidence – a prerequisite for success in the modern era of Formula One racing. 
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