CHIEF Minister of Selangor, YAB Tuan Haji Amirudin Shari today officiated the inaugural Selangor International Sports Summit 2019.

In his keynote address at the launch of the summit, YAB Tuan Haji Amirudin said the hosting of summit was in line with Selangor’s globalisation initiatives to turn the state as the hub of sporting industry in the region.

“Selangor hopes to be a catalyst in creating a conducive eco-system and providing ideal platforms for engagement and collaboration amongst the sporting industry experts, high-profile sports leaders, administrators and organisations, in line with the state’s globalisation initiatives and making the state a sports industry hub in the region,” said YAB Tuan Haji Amirudin in his keynote address.

He said that the state government will continue to build on Selangor’s excellence and rich sporting tradition by being the first state in Malaysia to organise a high-level international sporting summit.

Participants and delegates were exposed to various aspects of sporting excellence which could help towards creating a great sporting industry in the state such as competition, sports development, sports marketing, sports facilities, organisation skills and high performance.

“The Selangor International Sports Summit 2019 provides a platform where international market leaders and experts share their experiences and insights. This can derive positive impact to the sports fraternity in Malaysia, particularly in Selangor.

“By hosting an international event of this stature, we’re sending a strong message to country’s decision makers in sports that Selangor is ever ready, serious and capable of hosting many more high-level international events, Tuan Amirudin said.

He added that the Selangor has set its sights on hosting the 2022 Malaysia Games (SUKMA) which it last hosted in 1998.

“After a lapse of 21 years, I believe Selangor, having one of the best sports facilities in the country, has grown economically and has enhanced its organisational skills.

Reiterating its seriousness in realising its long-term sporting vision in the state, YAB Tuan Haji Amirudin said: “SUKMA 2022 is the dawn of the new era where Selangor, with the blessings of the Federal Government will want to bid for the ‘Commonwealth Games 2026 – Commonwealth Games Selangor 2026.”

He thanked members of the Asian Sports Press Union (AIPS Asia) for their involvement in the summit, adding that the collaboration between the state and AIPS Asia will lead to many more ground breaking initiatives.

Among the speakers at the summit include Khalid Al-Naama, Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Supreme Committee, Head of Arabic Media, and Prof Rocky Kang-Ro Yoon, President of International Sports Diplomacy Korea.

The topics covered various aspects of sports management and development including the organisation of major sports events, benefit to the host as well as participating nations.

Also in attendance was Datuk Seri Mohamed Norza Zakaria, President of the Olympic Council of Malaysia who presented his keynote address which touched on the country’s sporting scenario and development.

Some 300 participants including stakeholders from the various Selangor agencies and sports bodies, representatives from some 30 AIPS Asia countries, leading sports journalists from the region and Malaysia as well as officials from the national sports associations attended the full-day event.

At the summit, AIPS Asia also presented Asian athletes who excelled in their respective sports with four awards namely the Best Male and Female athletes, and Best Male and Female Teams.

In conjunction with the summit, AIPS Asia also held its annual Congress which was attended by delegates from around 30 countries.

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