7% of customers surveyed in 2019 used live-stream workouts, while the figure climbed past 80% during the pandemic, according to one survey by the fitness software company MindBody.

However, while online fitness instruction can be a great addition to any home gym, getting the most out of your setup can be achieved in various other ways. From the value of investing in quality gym equipment to curating a space that’s designed with specific fitness goals in mind, here are just three things we can learn from celebs and their own home setups.

Keeping a purpose in mind

For those just starting to build their home gym setup, covering the basics in terms of equipment can be a challenge, especially if space presents an issue. Lonni Paul, a designer whose client base includes celebrities such as Melissa Joan Hart and Felicity Huffman, notes that space is one of the biggest challenges regarding home gyms, even for celebs though touches on how an individual’s workout goals and personality plays a role.

“There is no formula. It’s so important to understand your clients personality and what their fitness goals are. Each person will have different needs. A gym for an action star will look different than a gym for a prima ballerina,” Paul notes. 

When aiming to balance available space with fitness goals, only investing in what’s needed to achieve them is a great way to go. For instance, a home gym with a functional training focus might include a HIIT focused cardio machine, such as an indoor cycle or rowing machine, each of which will aid in carrying out steady paced workouts and high intensity interval sessions.

By building your gym with a purpose or goal in mind, you’ll not only be able to get the most out of your setup each time you use it, but you’ll also avoid investing in equipment that you won’t use.

Finding motivation through celeb gym designs 

For those looking to get the most out of their home gym, drawing inspiration from celebrity home setups can help greatly in creating a motivational and visually appealing space. For example, if you plan on focusing on cardio and need a treadmill, you may not need as much space as if you were to set up a home gym to practice yoga or weightlifting.

Mark Wahlberg’s home gym features flooding light through transparent glass window panes set between artistic arches. Along with a black and gray color scheme present through the equipment, Wahlberg’s setup has a luxurious and open feel. Gemma Atkinson, on the other hand, has a converted garage gym setup with rubber gym mats on the floor to protect weights and reduce noise, as well as a mini fridge for hydration.

From good lighting to small (but impactful) additions, anyone looking to curate their home gym setup for motivation can learn from these celeb choices.

The value of quality equipment

Many may be quick to invest in a standard treadmill and various other equipment, though taking the time to research the right equipment will ultimately help get the most out of any home gym. Dwayne Johnson’s home gym, dubbed the “Iron Paradise,” boasts a number of machines by different, top-of-the line quality brands that are well-regarded for specialising in commercial gym equipment.

However, investing in top brands used by celebs isn’t the only option out there when looking for quality equipment.

Shopping directly through a manufacturer is just one noteworthy option, and can be done even through top overseas manufacturers in countries like China. When building a home gym, searching for commercial equipment will ensure you’re getting quality equipment that’s made to last and equipped with features like the latest tech.

By searching through manufacturers online, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of sellers and brands from across the board. However, when looking for the best option out there, referencing a product comparison graph can aid in gauging scale-growth rate, quality, and price points for multiple companies.

From manufacturers with a strong commercial equipment fitness line that supply a full range of cardio/strength training equipment to recognized suppliers with budget friendly choices, looking at both the features and reviews of the equipment will further ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Whether you’re setting up a home gym for the first time or you’re looking to elevate your current setup, there are several ways that you can ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout experience. From keeping your workout goals in mind when buying quality equipment, you’ll be able to curate an elevated and goal-oriented space.

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