World Athletics is seeking candidates to become Members of the World Athletics Screening Panel.

As part of its programme of governance and integrity reforms, World Athletics established a Vetting Panel in 2017, whose role is to decide whether persons seeking to be, or who are, World Athletics officials are eligible to take or remain in office.

To ensure that members of the Vetting Panel also meet the same high standards of conduct and integrity as all other World Athletics officials, World Athletics established a Screening Panel whose role is to determine the eligibility of the prospective and existing Members of the Vetting Panel.

Following a recent vacancy in the membership of the Screening Panel, World Athletics is recruiting one member to join this Panel to serve from the date of appointment by Council to August 2023.

The members of the Screening Panel must have significant legal experience, as well as experience in the vetting or screening of applicants and candidates to official positions.

The term of office commences on the date of appointment by Council (proposed to be in July 2020) and expires at the conclusion of the 2023 Election Congress. Members can be reappointed for further terms of office.

Applications close at 18:00 CEST on 5 June 2020.

More information can be found in the position description (English / French).

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