The Ayeyarwady Foundation through chairman Zaw Zaw, who is also the President of the Myanmar Football Federation (MFF) have donated USD 1 million towards the on-going fight against COVID-19.

The financial contribution will be utilised to build Temporary Treatment Centre which can accommodate up to 416 COVID-19 patients.

The Temporary Treatment Centre, which is being built next to the MFF Academy in Yangon, is fully air-conditioned with all funds required for the whole infrastructure, logistics, and supplies donated by the Ayeyarwady Foundation.

Health care services will be provided by a team of 134 members which includes healthcare professionals, pharmacists, and volunteers.

“We will accommodate patients at this new centre, starting from Sunday (20 September 2020). COVID-19 is an unexpected crisis for all of us. This pandemic has changed a lot of things within months,” said Zaw Zaw, who is also a Vice President of the AFC and Chairperson of the AFC CSR Committee.

“The second wave of the crisis has put Myanmar in a very difficult position. It has been a huge challenge for us. I am determined to help my country as a person in football and also a person in social activities.”

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