#sooka subscribers will have access to all 380 matches for only RM41.90 per month, or choose to watch a favourite match at only RM7.90 per match


sooka, the only local entertainment platform that is home to live football matches and a myriad of live sports actions continues to deliver exciting sports content this August.

The mobile streaming app will stream all 380 matches of the 2021 Premier League – LIVE, in HD (high definition), direct to fans’ mobile devices.

All 2021 Premier League matches will be streamed live via the sooka app, available for both Apple iOS and Android devices, for a fee of RM41.90 per month through its VIP+Sports plan.

Fans are also able to watch their favourite teams play by choosing the option to purchase single match passes for RM7.90 per match.

Mark Francis, Head of Content, sooka, said: “We know how much Malaysians love sports. Because of this, we want to create a hub for sports lovers to come together and enjoy a streaming experience at amazing value and flexible purchase options.

“To this end, our next step is something specially for the local football fans, which is the option to stream every match of the 2021 Premier League live on their smartphones or tablets . Fans will never have to miss another goal or win now that they get to bring the football viewing experience with them wherever they go.”

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