Prior to the WTCR – FIA World Touring Car Cup’s summer break, the FIA’s Ryan Ghis put three key questions to the drivers. This is what Honda-powered ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport’s record WTCR winner Esteban Guerrieri had to say.

What is your favourite corner on the WTCR calendar and why?
“I will pick Adenauer Forst at the Nürburgring, the one where you have the compression and then you go up. Actually, it’s where I crashed this year in free practice, that’s a mega section, there is a combination of corners which are very nice.”

The car and track are your choice but what would you choose?
“I would probably like to go back to drive a single-seater in Macau. Because this street track has this a special feeling that you are in-between the walls and there are no margins, it makes it very challenging for the driver to find the limit lap after lap, and there is no feeling like that for a challenge as a driver. For the car I would choose an F3. I actually drove an F3 in Macau back in 2007, and it was a great feeling. Why not get that feeling again and find the limit with a single-seater which is a faster car and I have had a lot of experience with single-seaters.”

Describe your ultimate holiday?
“I already took a holiday for 10 days in a caravan with my family and my sister’s family in the south of Spain. It’s a good place, I really liked Marbella and it was a nice place to go visit. In the middle of August I went back to Argentina to visit the rest of the family, but it’s winter in Argentina, so it’s not as comfortable in terms of clothing and weather. But if I had to choose a place to go, it would be south of Spain as I did this year and it was great fun.”

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