Newly-crowned MFF Futsal League 2019-2020 champions Myanmar Imperial University FC are in two minds over their participation in continental participation.

MIU won the double this year with the MFF indicating that the League champions will enter Asian Futsal Club Championship while the Open Cup winners will play in the AFF Futsal Club Championship.

“We have got the chance to enter AFF or AFC championship this year,” said MIU head coach Than Wunna Aung.

While MIU have participated several times in regional meet of the AFF Futsal Club Championship where they had taken the third spot four times, they have yet to participate at the continental level of the AFC Futsal Club Championship.

“We think we will need more experiences to compete in AFC Futsal Club Championship. So, we will try to achieve good results in AFF Club Championship first. If we will get the results we want in AFF, we want to think to enter AFC,” he added.

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