The Perangsang Selangor State Closed Squash Championship 2017 which kicked off on 16 November 2017 ended with a bang on 19th November 2017. The title sponsor for the tournament was Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad.

This tournament is where the crème de la crème of Selangor state come together to prove their worth and square it out for the Selangor champion titles.

Being held for more than 10 years, the tournament has grown in strength. It started with just 3 age groups for boys and girls respectively. Today both boys and girls command up to 10 categories in total. The junior tournament this year saw an increase of 24% with a record total of 228 participants which was made of 149 boys and 79 girls, a true testament of the growth in this sport.

This junior tournament is held to not only promote and create interest among the younger grassroot players but is a stepping stone for the state players to move into bigger leagues. This annual event gives the opportunity for all Selangor players as young as 6 years old to experience a tournament atmosphere which helps them prepare for future competitions.

In the junior games, the top 8 walked away with a winning medal each. On top of that the top 3 of each category also walked away with a prize money of RM300, RM250 and RM150 respectively.

This year a new category was introduced to cater to senior players aged 19 years and above. These 32 participants included state players, and even some coaches. To add more fun and excitement to the games, 16 parents also had a mini tournament of their own.

Special incentives were also given out to Selangor players who have been instrumental in carving a name for the state in international tournaments.


List of Winners for Perangsang Selangor State Closed Squash Championship 2017



Girls Under 9 Champion: Joshika Ettikan Kandasamy

First Runner Up: Aneqpreet Kaur

Second Runner Up: Navnita a/p Baskaran


Boys Under 9 Champion: Ong Jin Xun

First Runner Up: Joel Roshan Raj

Second Runner Up: Jayden Tan


Girls Under 11 Champion: Nuralya Syafikal

First Runner Up: Anusha Raymond

Second Runner Up: Sarvina Ravichandran


Boys Under 11 Champion: Keshvan Gunasekaran

First Runner Up: Joshua Rahul Raj

Second Runner Up: Rhesvan Anbumani


Girls Under 13 Champion: Leshantini

First Runner Up: Reshika Ravichandran

Second Runner Up: Shalini Muruges


Boys Under 13 Champion: Tan Jun Qian

First Runner Up: Jeffery John Lewis

Second Runner Up: Harold Rynesh Aloysius


Girls Under 15 Champion: N. Shahmithaa

First Runner Up: Jennifer Joan Lewis

Second Runner Up: Vharshamithraa Dinesh


Boys Under 15 Champion: Khartikeya

First Runner Up: Ang Lin Shan

Second Runner Up: Derrick Loi Jen How


Girls Under 17 Champion: Remashree Muniandy

First Runner Up: Thamaiyanthi Subramaniam

Second Runner Up: Hadiya bt Ahmad Fhamy


Boys Under 17 Champion: Muhammad Harris b Ramli

First Runner Up: Sacchin Kumar Sivanesan

Second Runner Up: Kerwin Teh Ker Wei


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