The Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Tour is delighted to welcome a new partner in the role of Official Apparel partner.

Transview Golf, under its PG-Performance Gear Apparel, has been confirmed as the Official Apparel partner for the 2014 and 2015 season.

In its new role, PG-Performance Gear Apparel will provide a wide range of stylish apparel, which included caps and shirts, for officials and staff members of the PGM Tour.

PG will supply apparel that utilises advanced fabric technology featuring Moisture Wicking, Quick Dry, Anti-Microbial and Bacteria Odor Control plus uptrend designs that provide absolute quality, confidence and comfort.

“We are delighted to welcome PG-Performance Gear into the PGM fold and look forward to providing them with the opportunity to promote their brand within the fastest growing Tour in the world. It is fantastic that PG, as a leading golf apparel brand, understands and values the aims of the PGM Tour and is willing to work with us to achieve our goals,” said Tun Ahmad Sarji, PGM Chairman.

He added, “It’s a welcome partnership and it is also a manifestation of the government’s encouragement of golf related industries. In the bigger Tours it is common to see top golfers lend their names to brands. Tiger (Woods) wears Nike shirts and immediately the shirt sales go up. So many brands are attached and endorsed by such players and instantly become household names.

“The same must be done in Malaysia.  We must cultivate this because in Malaysia golf is a booming industry and the number of golfers are fast increasing.   Henceforth, they would be the best candidates to help promote these brands.”

“Here in Malaysia only a few golfers are attached and endorse apparel because they don’t have the stature of being world renowned players. They have a tendency to wear a motley of brands but if there was endorsement, players would have to wear the one brand from the pro-am round to the final round.” However, he was pleased to note that some 20 reputable local pros were wearing the PG brand.

Frankie Choo, Director of Transview Golf had this to say,  “We are very excited  on our partnership with the PGM Tour and look forward to creating more brand awareness via this dynamic platform in Asia. We have a strong presence in Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, as PG supports high performance players globally on the US PGA Tour, European Tour, Australasia Tour, Japan Tour and OneAsia Tour. This opportunity to work not just with individuals, but with the PGM Tour itself is a positive step forward.”

Team PG professional players comprise Adam Blyth, David Gleason, James Bowen, Tim Stewart, Danny Chia, Arie Irawan, S. Murthy, Nicholas Pua, Lim Eng Seng, Khor Kheng Hwai, Darren Tan, Kemarol Baharain, Kunal Bhasin and M. Sasidaran.

Datuk Sari Suhut and M. Ramayah as board members signed the official contract for PGM and Director Frankie Choo and Business Manager Kevin Yeap for Transview, witnessed by PGM Chairman Tun Ahmad Sarji bin Ahmad.

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